Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garage Sale Weekend Finds

This past Saturday was city-wide garage sale day!  Getting up at the crack of 0-dark-hundred was well worth it.  The first sale I hit was a good one.  My first purchase was this beautiful, cream colored (or white, depending on who you talk to) American Tourister train case.  This type of train case has been on my list for quite some time.  Good things come to those who are patient and wait.

It has the original mirror and original tray, and even though the tray is cracked in a few places, I'm glad it's there.
Here is a picture of the day's finds.

10 vintage magazines full of wonderful articles, recipes and fun, vintage, advertising! 
When out there doing sales, the thought of, "where am I going to put all of this?" does cross my mind....but then the thrill of the deal over-rules and I find myself exiting the car at the end of the day, holding bags of stuff.  But it's entertainment at an inexpensive price.  Some people go to the movies, some pay green fees at the local golf course, some spend hundreds of dollars a year on fishing gear.....I shop for vintage goodies. 
This was kind of an interesting find.  A Peterson Baking Co. cardboard hand-fan.  Not sure of the year but am guessing 30's or 40's.  I'll have to do some digging on the Peterson Baking Co. of Stanley ND.
Found this cute little West Highland Terrier perfume bottle.  He has a gold collar, but I think this bit of red ribbon suits him better.  He's ready to be displayed on my crafting desk.
Vintage napkins (or serviettes) and a small, square, vintage tablecloth with beautiful cut work and embroidery on them.  And six blank vintage napkins begging to be embroidered with little flowers or bluebirds.  (Yea! a future project!) 

You can tell the cut work and embroidery is all hand done because the blue tracing marks are still on the cloth!  Imagine the hours someone spent making these simple, blue bordered napkins so much prettier with her handiwork.
Such beautiful detail.
This itty bitty pin cushion will be perfect for my travel embroidery kit.
And a little baggie of buttons with a few pastel colored buttons that I thought might work nicely with 1930's feed sack fabrics.
This is one of two transfer patterns that I found.  I've never seen the Pixie Motifs before.  They remind me of Holt Howard and his pixies.
Ladies Home Journal from June 1957--Look Magazine from April 17 1956--and my favorite, Country Gentleman (half is Country Women) from 1947.
Six Successful Farming magazines from spring and summer 1947.  The caption on the top magazine says, "Put a picture window in your kitchen".  I grew up in a farm-style kitchen and we had a big picture window above the sink.  Actually, the two ends opened, but the middle was huge!
Tomorrow we will dive into the Needlecraft Magazine from 1927! 
Until then, Have a Happy, Vintage Day!


  1. Wow, what garage sales do you go to! Lucky duck! We got two old magazines, the Delineator, from 1918, and the Ladies Home Journal from 1917 at the Victorian tea held every late fall. We got them for a dollar each! I like your blog!

    1. Thanks, Rachelbagel! Yes, this weekend was a lucky one for magazines. I've never found so many at once and for so little money. Wow! a Delineator and LHJ from the "teens" for a dollar each! What treasures! Anything from that time period is special and getting hard to find. Have a great day and thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoy the blog :)