Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Candy Trading Tutorial

I've posted this video before, but it's just too funny not to share again.
The narrator talks really fast, and though I'm a fan of Necco Wafers, it's still funny.
 That's all for today!  We hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ebroidered Hen Dish Towel Finished

Finally!  Henrietta the Hen is finished!  I went through a stage where I didn't do any vintage embroidery.  But now that I've had my little break, and depending upon how busy life gets around here, I'll might pick the needle back up in November.
I used a light orange and dark orange on her feet to give them a little bit of texture.
She originally had eggs in her basket, but I changed them to freshly picked strawberries.  I thought it odd that she would be taking her offspring to the market to sell them.  I don't know, maybe she just really needed the money (to pay off her hat and umbrella debt)?  Then again, maybe she was just taking her eggs out for a stroll.  That's a little better.  Either way I thought it strange, so POOF! they magically became strawberries instead.  No discussion needed about strawberries.
I used an artiste brand variegated brown for the hen's body.  
That's all for today.   I hope to get to more stitching soon, but things are crazy-busy around here, so we'll see.  Until another time, have a happy, stitching day!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Debbie Liquid Soap

One of the treasures I found at the October flea market was this 1959 can of Debbie Dish Soap! After a lot of digging, I have come up empty on any information about this stuff.  No vintage Ads, no ebay entries, nothing.  So that's kind of a bummer.

The lid is cracked and the very tippy-top of the lid comes off, but I don't mind.  However, the stuff inside, (yes, there is stuff inside...make your best icky face here) it smells HORRIBLE!!  It smells like a cross between a powerful disinfectant and some kind of rocket fuel the Jetsons might use.
I hated to do it, but I put a piece of scotch tape over the top of the lid to keep it from slipping off and infecting us all like some kind of bio-hazard.  I don't think the tape will hurt the lid.
After I gently wiped the can with a damp cloth, I placed it with its other detergent friends in the laundry room.
 It's Just a fun little can, with cute graphics and liquid inside that will burn your nose hairs clean off when sniffed.  Ah yes, life is good for this vintage gal.
Until another time, have a happy, vintage day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vintage Farm Scene Curtains

If I am ever able to buy my little "small town cottage", I would have to hang these curtains either in the living or dining room.  These are found on Etsy. 

They are so fun to look at!  I'd name all of the cows walking down the road.  All of the people would have names as well.
You are probably wondering why on earth I would choose such a pattern for vintage curtains.
The answer is simple.  My Great Grandparents had these curtains in their home.  I saw them in a photo and wondered if any still existed.  Apparently they do.  I probably wouldn't decorate MY house with them (I don't think Darling Husband would go for that), but I would decorate my little 1940s cottage-house that I've been dreaming about in my head!
 This is my Great-Grandpa Bill.  He and my Great-Grandma Grace passed away long before I was born.  I'm sure they would've been fun people to know.
That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy, vintage day!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Blackwork Acorn Project Finished!

Yea!  I finished a project!
Yes, the Blackwork Acorn Project is finished.  I spent quite a bit of time on this one and it was fun!
I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.  I've thought about framing it or making it a bookmark, but I'm just not sure.
Here is the finished project.
I do wish I had used bigger acorns in the corners (I don't know what I was thinking!)
That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy stitching day!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Blackwork Acorn Project

The latest Blackwork project I've been working on is a larger sized medallion that has oak leaves and acorns in it. I found the pattern on Pinterest and thought I'd mess around with it a little bit.
Here, the center medallion is completed.
Below, I am practicing the Holbein stitch.  It's getting easier.
And this is what I've accomplished so far!
I'm really having fun with this design and it's quite an easy design to stitch.
That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy stitching day!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kenmare Pioneer Day 2015--Interesting Linoleum Patten

Taking a little trip back in time to earlier this summer, we attended the Kenmare Pioneer Day for the 2nd year in a row on a beautiful July day.  We had a great time!

We had visited the museum twice in 2014 and I wrote about our adventure HERE.

First, we had a picnic in the Windmill Park.  So far, it has been the only picnic we have had this year!  We need to remedy that soon.

 After our picnic in the park, we drove over to the village and spent about 3 hours there. 
A fun time was had by all.

The Lake County Historical Society has done a wonderful job of taking care of their museum grounds and buildings.  We noticed new boardwalks in front of some of the buildings, fresh coats of paint, and new foundations under a couple of the buildings.  All of this done by volunteers (I believe).  The people of Kenmare really take pride in their museum!
As we entered the CCC building, where the diner is set up, I noticed something new!  This decorative linoleum rug!
I've never seen one like this before and it is in VERY good condition.
And we came across this contraption in one of the large buildings.  It was near the gas station owner's desk, opposite the antique radios.  At first glance I thought it might be some kind of battery (with the jars and all) but then I saw that it plugs into the wall.  I am completely stumped as to what it is and will have to ask next time I'm there....because it BUGS me not to know! 

In the dress shop, I thought this display was beautifully done.  But as I looked at the little fur stole with it's beady eyes, all I could think about was Ghostbusters 2 and the fur coat scene. (chuckle).

 Inside the second little school house (above) we found that someone had started to copy some "seat work" out of an educational magazine.
I thought this little seat work worksheet was cute for Thanksgiving.  November 1935.
 November 1935 is almost 80 years ago!  Think about how long ago that was, and how much has changed since then.  Just think....many of the children who copied these cute little characters, onto a piece of notebook paper, would be in their late 80s, 90s, or maybe not even with us anymore.
The teachers who taught in these one room school houses had none of the ditto machines or modern copy machines we have today.  Teachers traced seat work onto paper for their students, or the students drew little pictures themselves. 
 Times have certainly changed.  That's why these museums are SO important.  They teach us about our past, and allow our children to see and feel, in a tangible way, what everyday living was like long ago.  Maybe they'll see that we've got it pretty darn easy now a-days compared to those who lived here 80 years ago.

That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!