Friday, April 21, 2017

1975 Calendar Towel

Last summer I purchased this cool little calendar towel from a church rummage sale. I don't think it's had it's moment on the blog, so here it is.  I apologize for the fuzzy photo.
Why did I purchase this particular towel?  First of all I like the little prayer at the top of the towel.  Second, it's from 1975...the year of my birth!  Those qualities, plus the fact that it depicts a cute cottage with its inviting path to the door, and not anything too 70's or "Brady Bunch-ish", like orange and green mushrooms.
(you can see those 70s mushrooms in your head can't you?  If not, here you go...)

Never cared for them, don't know why.
According to the calendar above, I was born on a Wednesday.  How does the saying go?  Wednesday's child is full of woe?  Interesting.  I wouldn't call it woe...maybe just a bit of worry.  Maybe THAT's why I can't stand to watch the news, because I was born on a Wednesday.
Well, that's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!