Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dale and Martha Hawk Museum 2018

Once again this year, my folks and I traveled to rural Wolford, North Dakota to visit the Dale and Martha Hawk Museum for their annual celebration.
Here I am in front of a 1941 Ford.  The dress is one I sumbled upon at the local consignment shop.  It is labeled Dress Barn and has kind of a late 30s-early 40s look to it.  I added the little red belt buckle and wore my "Grandma Walton" shoes which are also reproduction by Nine East and also bought second hand.
I wore a vintage string of pearls and vintage cameo earrings in black and cream.
I like the way the dress fits me, but it was warm.  The temperatures got up into the 80s and I was, to quote Ham in the Sandlot, "bakin' like a toasted cheese"

The door to the blacksmith shop had very ornate detailing, including the door knob.

My father counted 18 different kinds of pie!  And it was so reasonably priced! 3$ for a big slice of pie and large coffee.

 Yummy sour cream and raisin.

There was a little flea market/craft sale where I bought these neat little pieces.  Spent a total of 7$
The Ivory Starch box is neat because it is French on one side and English on the other (came from Canada I'm figuring).

This old projector is a neat item and fun to photograph.  If I recall, these make a kind of ticking or whirring noise when they run.  And if the film broke (which it sometimes did) the projectionist would have to quickly splice the film back together. 

Not sure why, but I like the looks of these cans.  Dirty, old, household or garage type cans that normally would've been thrown away, tell us a great deal about everyday life back in the day.

I also found it interesting that is says "Specially designed".  I quickly googled that and learned that the word specially is correct (I had no idea).  The word "especially" is used when singling out someone or something, "I like Neccos, especially those that are licorice flavored."  But when something is made special for a purpose or occasion, then the word "specially" is used.  "Shannan had a vintage refrigerator cake specially made for my birthday".

And there was your grammar lesson for today.

My mother ooohed and awed over this Royal Albert tea cup, saucer, cake plate, and maybe a salad plate and sandwich plate???  Good grief that's a lot of plates!  I like the unique shape of the plates, rather than being round they have a somewhat scalloped edging. 

This next photo is very interesting to me as I am a diary/journal keeper myself.  This is a weather diary kept by a local minister during the winter of 1935-1936.  One of the things I find interesting about it is on February 15, 1936 the lows in the area were as follows:
Gardena -61 below zero
Willow City -63 below zero
Parshall -60 below zero
Now what find strange is that Parshall, ND holds the record for coldest spot in the state at -60 below zero on Feb. 15, 1936.  But according to this diary, that honor (if you can call it that) should have gone to Willow City, ND for their -63 below zero.  Maybe it had something to do with Willow City not having an "official" weather service temperature recorder person? (what a cool job that would've been).

This child's alarm clock is quite possibly the cutest one I've ever seen!  It's a Roy Rogers clock and Trigger the horse gallops back and forth with each tick of the clock.  Yee-Ha!

As usual I had to have my photo taken next to the gas pump that sits in front of the Nanson store.

Yes, another old can.  I liked the graphics on the can below.

Inside the little house is this AMAZING linoleum! 

Cute kitchen....

One more cute kitchen picture....

Nope, one MORE cute kitchen picture.  Then I'm done I promise.

t was a very fun day with family food and vintage goodies all around. 
 That's all for today!  Until another time have a happy vintage day!

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Strawberry Sugar Bowl

Well, sadly this happened.
I pushed my crock pot towards the back of the counter top to make room for something and my little strawberry sugar bowl fell off the top of a canister and onto the cupboard.  I could've saved it, but I glued the pieces in the wrong order and couldn't get the final little piece to fit.
I was very sad. Once, long ago, I read that if you regularly envision all of your material possessions as damaged and broken in pieces, it helps you to deal with the loss.  Yeah, I'm not that person...
My darling Shannan jumped onto Ebay and found me a new one!  What a guy!

The new one is a smidgen bigger than the original but that's okay with me, the bigger the strawberry, the more sugar it holds.  I love it.  My Cheerioats will once again have a sprinkle of sugar on them each morning, and balance has returned to the kitchen universe.

That's all for today.  Until another time have a happy, sugar sprinkled day!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Capper's Farmer Magazine June 1947

Here are some high-lights from my Capper's Farmer Magazine from June of 1947.  It's hard to imagine that my parents were just new babies about the time this rolled off the presses!
I wonder if any of my grandparents subscribed to this magazine.

Here is a nice farm implement ad.
I found this interesting.  Now a days, they could most likely call to have your "unruly" dog put to sleep, or sue you for a dog bite.  *sigh* we won't get into how different things are these days...not today anyway.  

Remember this guy at the top of the Good Year ad because we are going to meet his dream girl later.

And there were always ads for clothes patterns. 

I would totally wear this dress around the house (below) if only I had the figure I did back when I was a young, thin, twenty-year-old.
This is a neat page.  How to can peas and keep your was clean, white, and RIN-SO Bright!

And remember our fellow from the Good Year ad?  Here is his gal. 

This is such a great idea for faded Draperies!

Even though mine isn't very big, I am glad I have a if I could just learn how to can I'd be on a roll!


There are always many articles and ads about canning in these old farm magazines.
And one can never forget to clean the milk/cream separator.  What a chore!
Love her dress!  She seems pretty happy to be feeding the chickens.
And here is a picture of Gregory Peck because who doesn't want a picture of Gregory Peck.
I leave you with this odd find.  I was just saying the other day I wanted a picture of a dinosaur pouring DDT into a bucket of water. 
(didn't they outlaw this stuff!?)
 There were so many good ads and interesting articles in this magazine! 
I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Until another time, have a happy VINTAGE day!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Embroidered Baking Day Apron Towel

Here is another little towel I worked on in February and March.  I gave it to my sister-in-law who kindly hosted Easter for my husband's family this year.  She is quite the good cook and bake. I thought it fitting to give her an apron towel because not so many years ago she made me an actual apron that I love!


Unfortunately I did not write any of the thread colors down!  Next time I will try to do better about that.
That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy stitchy day!