Monday, January 23, 2017

The Caldecott Award

Well, there were 4 honor books...
Leave Me Alone Written and Illustrated by Vera Brosgol (which looks cute)
Freedom in Congo Square Written by Carole Boston Weatherford Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie
Du Is Tak? Written and Illustrated by Carson Ellis (if The Night Gardener didn't win, this was my second choice.)
They All Saw A Cat Written and Illustrated by Brendan Wenzel (Nice book!)
The WINNER of the Caldecott Medal for best Illustrated picture book of 2016 is...
Radiant Child Written and Illustrated by Javaka Steptoe.

I've never seen Radiant Child, but hope to see it soon. 
I'm a little disappointed that The Night Gardener didn't even get a nod, but I've learned through the years that what I like usually isn't what the committee likes.
Next year I will keep my eyes open a little better and be more active about getting to the library to see the new picture books as they are published!
Until another time, have a bright, creative day!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Caldecott Prediction

The Caldecott Medal will soon be given for the best illustrated children's book of 2016.   I have only ONE selection this year and here is why. 
I haven't seen many other books! 
We all know that life gets busy, and this year time constraints have kept me from searching out and perusing newly published children's books.   But, I DO have a FAVORITE to win.  It is actually the ONLY new children's book I purchased for myself this past year. 
My pick to win is The Night Gardener Written by Terry Fan and Illustrated by Eric Fan (The Fan Brothers).
I LOVE this book.
The illustrations are highly detailed, and those who know me, know I like detail.  When I think of an illustrator drawing each tiny leaf and each textured brick I imagine he must be thoroughly in love with his craft because WOW, there are thousands of individually drawn leaves throughout the pages of this book!
The book begins with a sepia-greenish-toned-coloring to it and as story progresses, the illustrations become brighter and brighter as does the mood of the story.
Towards the end of the book there are three illustrations depicting the changing seasons, which I found to be enjoyable to look at and a neat addition to the story.
By the end of the story, we see a more colorful landscape with brightly colored flowers, cheerful people, and even an ice cream truck.
So, that is my pick for the year 2016....and I'm sad to say it doesn't look like it's on anyone else's radar (as far as the internet, mock Caldecott contests, and teacher picks go) but I will not give up hope! 
The Caldecott Medal will be given out Monday morning, January 23rd, usually around 7:45-8:30 central time.  I have my alarm set and will try to watch again this year via my computer (come on Night Gardener!!)
Until another time, have a happy, creative day!