Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colorful Quilling

This isn't exactly quilling, but these ornaments use the same quilling tool and basic idea of twirled paper.  Sorry the first photo is blurry.  The paper is regular weight paper from the office section at Walmart.   The strips are about 1/8 wide and 5" long.  They twirl easily using a quilling tool, but one could just use their fingers. The ends are secured with a tiny dot of glue.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

We have snow on the ground!  Makes me want to run outside, gather up some friends and play fox-n-geese.  That was a favorite on the playground of Epping Public School. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent and Playlist is Working

The playlist is working!  It was a case of Occam's razor, I was making things more difficult than needed, while the solution was so simple and right in front of me!  The playlist joins the blog just in time for the season of Advent, so I've included Mannheim Steamroller's version of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel", one of my favorite Advent hymns.
Yestarday, I dug out my quilling supplies and created a couple of snowflakes.  It was a relaxing way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  I will experiment with more patterns this week.  There are some beautiful and intricate patterns on the web, but I hate to copy them, so I just start with something basic and use my imagination as I go. 
Just a bit of history on quilling from Wikipedia:  "During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items.  The paper most commonly used was strips of paper trimmed from the gilded edges of books."

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Embroidery Projects Finished

Well, I thought it would be nice to share a playlist of my favorite songs to softly play in the background of my blog, but I cannot seem to get one to work.  Oh well, blogging goes on! 
I'm in one of those "in-between projects" moods.  I haven't anything new to start and therefore my days have been an open canvas.  Choosing a new project really shouldn't be that hard!  Maybe that's why I used to leave so many projects undone.  It was so much easier to jump from one project to another.  Like a slower, creative form of ADD. 
So, maybe I'll post a few of my embroidery projects most recently completed. 
This is the Hello Kitty towel I made for a friend of mine for Christmas.  It was so much fun to make.  I didn't have an iron-on transfer for Hello Kitty so I traced her using a Pilot "friXion' pen.  It traced onto a towel and the ink disappears when ironed!  Love that pen!  I've been experimenting with different ways to use the embroidery floss to fill larger spaces and this time tried french knots.  Hundreds of tiny french knots that actually didn't take as long as I thought it would.  Her bow is mostly satin stitched. 
The cabin was just plain fun :)  I wish I had taken more time to fill-in some of the details such as shingles on the roof and some of the pebbles.  But I got lucky when I found the material at the bottom at the local quilting shop. It matched the threads pretty well.  Someday I'll have a little cabin in the woods by a lake where I can hike, read, cook, craft and fish.  A girl can dream.

Friday, November 25, 2011

My First Post

Well, here goes.  My first blog post!  This blog will be a record of my projects and ideas, and will be a place to organize my thoughts.  It should be a fun time.  I'm not the most tech-savvy person, so we'll see how it goes :)
Coming up with a Blog title isn't easy!  Finally, after a few days of deep thought, I titled my blog Color My World.  I chose it for a couple of reasons. 
First, the artist in me loves color.  Colors are all around us and life would be dull without them.  Even words can paint a colorful picture.  Add to that, I really do love to COLOR!  Give me a pack of colored pencils and a clean sheet of paper and I'm good to go! 
Second, I love the song "Color My World" by Petula Clark. 
Third, there are many friends and family that color my world for me and make me happy, including my husband and daughter.
       So thank you for reading.  Some days I may just ramble, and want to reminisce about the past.  Otherdays I may have projects or ideas to share.  Your welcome to read along and enjoy this creative journey with me :)