Friday, March 15, 2013

Kitchen Curtain Re-do...Again

A few weeks ago, I decided to re-do my kitchen curtains (again).  I didn't like that there was not much of a ruffle at the top. 
Here is what they have looked like for the past year or so.
As I was searching through some photos from a few years ago, I came across this cute little valance that I had captured on camera while visiting a local shop.  This valance was more like what I was going for when I made the curtains above.
I like that this valance has a bit of a ruffle at the very top.
So down came the curtains.  I turned them upside down, sewed a seam through the wider red checked border and used a seam ripper to open each end to allow a curtain rod through it.  Then I removed the seam that used to be the top (the wrinkled part). 
At this point, the curtains were a little too long to be valances and would need to be shortened.  I completely removed the small red strip at the bottom, trimmed the cloth and re-sewed the red strip back onto the curtain.
The above photo shows how far I have gotten with this project.  I've always wanted to do some red work on my valances and this seemed to be the perfect time to do so.  The small, white strip of cloth at the bottom needs to be hemmed...the bottom valance has that part pinned, but not sewn as of yet.
I can't wait to finish them and hang them!  I will snap a photo or two of the finished project to share with you all!
Oh!  If you are wondering where I found the adorable fruit patterns for the red work, they are from this WONDERFUL flickr group, "Vintage Embroidery Patterns".  Click here to visit their home page! Click here for the page with the actual "fruit" motifs.

Until another day,
Have a happy stitching day!!

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  1. This is so wild. I just bought red checked fabric to do curtains with. I have hee-hawed over what I wanted for a year. Then the night I bought the fabric, it popped into my mind to make them just as your's were. Only with the little ruffle on top. I am sure I have seen them that way many time over but it never dawned on me until that night.

    Anyway, I absolutely love your idea of the embroidery! It is so cute and very vintage. Something that would of been in my mom's kitchen!

    I can't wait to see them finished!