Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pink Tulip Vase

The other day I talked a bit about the little green sugar bowl (seen below), and now today I'm going to talk about the little pink vase.
I spotted the little pink vase on Vintage City's facebook page and asked them to put it on hold for me.  When I went to pay and pick it up, she told me that someone had already bought it for me!  What a nice birthday surprise!  I found out later that it was one of my favorite vintage aficionados, my Uncle Stan!  That was so cool of him! 

It's such a cute, spring-time vase with its tulip shape and little curl at the bottom.  I think it's from the 1940s but could be wrong.  The vase has a hint of an Art Deco feel to it, and I've wanted a little "art-decoy" kind of vase for a long time now.  And this one is not to big, but just right. 

Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Green Depression Glass Sugar Bowl and Peonies

A couple of my daycare kids brought me peonies for my birthday, and I just love them!  The blooms grow to be quite large. 

The small, green, depression glass bowl is one that picked up at the Vintage City flea market last weekend.  I didn't have any pieces of green depression glass, but I do now.  It was, at one time, a sugar bowl. One of the handles is a little chipped, but that makes it all the more special.  I think it makes a neat little peony holder. 

I just love the green and pale pink colors together!

That's all for today.  Next time I will chat about the cute little pink vase in the first photo.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Easy to Make Water Table For Daycare Sensory Play

Last Friday morning was a beautiful one with a quiet little breeze and slightly over-cast skies.  For a little while we only had a couple of kids so we let them play on the deck, one at a time, supervised by my daughter.
Earlier this spring we purchased a set of patio furniture, something we've been wanting to do for quite a few years.  Lounging on the loveseat with a book in hand, is a wonderful way to spend the evening (especially since the mosquitoes haven't been too bad....yet).
The patio coffee table really came in handy today!  It allowed us to create a "water table space" for the daycare kids!
No special, or expensive supplies needed!  We bought a Sterilite brand, under-the-bed, storage box to use as a "sensory bin".  We fill this bin with all kinds of fun objects throughout the year.  Everything from aquarium gravel to puff balls of many colors.  Today, it held water.  The party tray is from our local party store, but any tray or small box will work, to hold fun objects that can be played with in the water. 
The kids LOVED it! The plastic Easter eggs were their favorite, along with the sea creatures. 
 We decided not to use the whitish gray rocks (seen under the dolphin, below) for fear they might crack the table's glass top (duh, Jen).  The farm animal ducks we found at Hobby Lobby.
So that's how we do a sensory-water table at our house.  It's really nothing fancy, but still a lot of fun!
Next time I might add a water wheel, and some sponges for the kids to play with, along with some measuring cups and spoons.
Until another time, have a happy day!  And enjoy the summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spanish Flea

Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Band.
I had no idea this was a "real song". 
Enjoy the memories.

Well, that's all this crazy kid has got for you today.  Have a happy vintage day!