Friday, October 28, 2016

The American Home Magazine 1937

Quite a few months ago, my folks picked up this cute little treasure for me at our local vintage shop, Vintage City.  It's full of cute stuff!  Take a look!
Now THAT's a huge mixer!
Here's a nifty little fold-down desk and storage shelf.  I've actually seen something similar on pinterest, and to think, they were doing this way back in the 1930s!
This yard and water garden, below, look beautiful...I just wish we could see them in color...or in  person.  Come on time travel!
A cute little kitchen.  I just love vintage kitchens.
Apparently, this is Bing Crosby's mom (below) and she makes really good Corned Beef Patties.  I'm not sure I've ever had the pleasure of trying a corned beef patty but I DO remember my mom used to make some kind of chipped beef and gravy sauce that we put over toast, oh my goodness was it ever tasty.  Come to think of it, we put a lot of things over toast, creamed peas, creamed tuna, chip beef..I think maybe it's a Norwegian thing.  One of my favorite side dishes at the Epping School when I was a kid was melted cheese generously drizzled over little squares of toast.  Yum!  My classmates and I couldn't wait for cheesy toast day!  That was right up there with art projects on Fridays, book mobile day, and field trip day!
Oooo, look at this beautiful, Westinghouse stove.  I opened the oven to a Westinghouse stove once and there was a rabbit in there sleeping.  I asked what it was doing in there and it said, "This is a Westinghouse isn't it?"  I said, "Yes." And he responded, "Well, I westing, leave me alone."
Okay, no more jokes for me....ever.
Keep in mind, this magazine is from the 1930s.  This looks pretty posh for the 1930s.
A cute little house.

An expensive car, I'm sure.  I wonder what this car would be worth today!
I do like zinnias.  They are so bright and colorful and the perfect subject for a colorful, back page advertisement. 
I hope you enjoyed perusing this magazine with me.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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