Saturday, August 12, 2017

Vintage Sewing Kit

Way back in May, my Uncle Stan called me and asked me to stop by next time I was in the neighborhood, he had something to give me.
He had 3 or 4 little sewing kits and let me have my pick of the litter.
I chose wisely.
Squeeeeeee!  Look at the cute little spools of thread and the cute little scissors!

I found another one on EBAY and they say it is from the 1950s (they want 40$ for that one) and over the past few months have only seen this other one on line that is BLUE, most seem to be red. 
Mine looks pretty identical, except it's missing the white, ribbon bow and mine has a yellow, plastic thimble! So, I think I have all of the pieces to my kit, which is nice to know.
Here is the one from EBAY (below).
He even gave me this pack of needles (made in England!)  Thanks Uncle Stan!

That's all for today!  Until another time have a happy stitchy day!

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