Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wedding Cake and Flowers

To all of my blog followers out there, I apologize for my absence lately.  I'm finding out that this blogging business takes a lot of time and effort.  Whew!  Sometimes there is just SO much going on in my everyday life that I just can't sit and be creative.  And sometimes, (and maybe other bloggers go through this as well) the creativity bulb is pretty dim and I just don't know what to "put out there".   I've been reading some other blogs lately and I gotta tell ya...I don't know how these gals do it posting two or three times in a week.  I have a hard time keeping up!
Add to that, our state just got another 12-18 inches of new snow (depending on where one lives). It's suppose to be spring, farmers are suppose to be getting their fields ready, children are suppose to be splashing in muddy puddles along the roadside, not making snow angels. Ugg. When will winter release us from its unrelenting grip!?
But as far a blogging goes, I will try harder.  I made a commitment to keep up a blog and will now try to post at least once a week.  Hopefully the creative juices will start flowing again and my craft space will be bursting with craft and embroidery projects instead of Lego building projects and Littlest Pet Shop toys.

This past weekend my cousin married her long-time sweetheart, and I have to say, she had one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I had ever seen.  It was simple, elegant, and surrounded by delicious cupcakes.  Mmmm cake.


She and her new hubby also had a candy bar where people could fill little candy bags full of chocolaty, gooey, sugary goodness.  Mmmm candy.

Here are some beautiful flowers.

Unfortunately, many of my photos did not turn out.  I have a new camera that I am still experimenting with. Should I have used more flash?  Did I use the wrong setting at the wrong times?  Should I have brought my other camera?  Who knows, all I know is that it is heart-sinkinly disappointing to get home, load a memory stick into the computer and see photo after photo of blurred people and fuzzy group shots.  Thank heavens she hired the best photographer in town,
Jason Gemar, to preserve her special day.
So, my assignment for this week is to learn to use my camera!!  When and if I have the time.  Haha.

Until then, have a happy, and hopefully creative day!

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  1. The cake is very pretty!

    I understand what you mean about not blogging much lately. I run out of things to say or show. I try not to get too personal, so it is hard to have much to say!

    Remember, Lego building and Littlest Pet Shop will pass too soon, so enjoy every minute of them!

    Enjoy your new camera!!!