Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Those Crazy Summer Months

After almost a month long absence, I figured it was high time I sit down and write a blog post.  As usual, much has been going on.  Back in June we had done a little house hunting and, after two weeks of looking, we decided to give up on the idea, at least until next spring.  Well, things have changed, and we have found a house that is being sold by someone we know (which will make the buying and selling roller coaster so much easier).  Therefore, our current, cozy little house is up for sale and we are waiting to see what happens.  We have another month or so to try and sell and are keeping our fingers crossed.  I can't wait to share with you all of the fun and excitement that will come with finally getting our little 1955 "baby ranch".  I call it a baby ranch because that's exactly what it is...a short little three bedroom, small kitchen with a breakfast nook, small living room, full basement baby ranch.  It's one of those little "cookie cutter" houses built during the housing crunch of the late 40's early 50's.  In a couple weeks I will be able to post pictures!  I can't wait to see the home's abstract so that I can learn the history of the house.  I think every house should have a scrapbook that each occupant could update.  Then we could know things like.... Who were the first people to live in the house?  What did the kitchen looked like when it was first built, was there ever a garden in the backyard?  When was the tree planted?  These are crazy things I'd like to know!

It's all very exciting, but along with the excitement comes a bit of sadness too.  I will miss our cozy little house that I've grown to love.  I will miss the bright sunny kitchen, the sunny laundry room and the shelves above the kitchen cupboards that I have decorated with all of my vintage goodies.  I will definitely miss the little china hutch as I have no space in the tiny breakfast nook for such a hutch at the new house.  But a china hutch isn't necessary.  I have learned that I don't need a large home to be happy and this new little house will not be large  by any means, we will gain only a few hundred square feet.  But we will make it our own and enjoy its special little qualities.  That's part of the fun of life...being happy with what you are given.

So, it's been a busy summer of dreaming and packing and hoping and praying....oh and cleaning, my goodness, the cleaning.  The house has to be kept clean for showings and that takes up a good amount of my time.

I'll leave you today with something that I find quite interesting....a 15 minute home movie from a family in Ellendale ND...a town of around 1400 people (sounds like my kind of town).  The movies were taken sometime in the 1950s and it is fascinating to see the dresses, kitchens, and houses, the kids playing on the sidewalks and the celebrations that occurred many years ago for this family.  I especially like the Christmas scenes.  Once again, the house doesn't look all that big, but that didn't stop them from squeezing everybody into those happy little rooms to celebrate Christmas together.  It looks like fun!  I'd LOVE to find a home movie like this of our soon-to-be (hope to be) little house. 
Until next time, enjoy the movie and have a happy, vintage day!

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