Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tea-time at the American Girl Store

One of the big things that we did on our family vacation in Minneapolis was to visit the American Girl store and to have tea time in the American Girl Bistro.  It was a wonderful experience! 
Autumn and I at the American Girl Bistro. There is even a seat for Summer the doll.
Our waitress introduced herself and explained how the meal/experience would work.  We thought it was nice that she took extra time to talk to Autumn and to learn her doll's name.
She took our drink order and they had some wonderful Lemonades and Iced Teas to choose from
(you could also get soda pop). 

While our food was being prepared, our waitress brought us each a little take home craft to work on while we waited.  This was a nice touch and made the time fly by.  Shannan even worked on one of the crafts.  He's such a good daddy because he set the whole tea-time experience up for us in the first place...made all of the reservations and everything!
Working on our little paper crafts all about Molly and Emily (our favorite characters!)
Next came the food tray with all of the lovely little goodies to eat.  All tea time guests are given the same menu of items, so there is no choosing or having to guess which ones to get...you get a sample of everything!!  You start with the bottom plate, with muffins, fruit and yogurt dip (one item for each guest).  Then you jump to the center plate where there were three different kinds of tea-time sandwiches.  Then the top plate is desserts. 


Desserts.  Chocolate Mousse with cookie crumbs on top inside a little plant pot (so yummy), a cupcake and a J-ello fruit.
And of course your doll gets her own special chair, tea cup and saucer. 

We had such a good time that Autumn decided that she would like to do a "Doll's Tea Party" for her birthday.  Hmmm, I think maybe I can make that happen....that's a post for another day.

Until then, happy tea time everyone!

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