Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stitch It Magazine

Today is suppose to be vintage advertisement Wednesday, but I'm going to talk about a NEW publication instead.

Our local grocery store (and as of last night I notice Hobby Lobby) has been carrying this fun magazine called Stitch-it Today and I absolutely love it!  I'm so happy to see a magazine in the stands that is not only for cross-stitch enthusiasts, but for embroidery and needlepoint fans as well!  There are usually 20-some projects that one can stitch, and a section about supplies and how to use them.  The latest has a quick tutorial page about using an Embroidery hoop, starting a sampler and types of knots used to start and stop your stitching.  Sometimes there are articles about different stitchers and their work, and articles on types of stitching such as Norwegian hardanger embroidery.  

That's all for today.  This week has been another busy one, but I hope to have another post ready to share soon!
Until then, Have a Happy Stitching Day!

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