Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vintage Goodies

Well, first I must show ya'll the cute little basket my Aunt Barb made up for me, with sweater mittens, homemade Apple Butter, and Chokecherry Syrup (which is awesome on ice cream).  Love the basket idea and all of the goodies in it, so thank you to Auntie Barb.

Just wanted to share some of the groovy things my Uncle Stan gave to me this year.  He's been saving these for me all summer...found them at a rummage sale, says walking through this woman's house was like taking a step back in time.  Bring it on!

Hi-lex Dry Bleach!  I can't seem to find another box like it online.  The bottom say 1955.  God bless the little old lady that kept this in her basement for over 50 years.

And I just love the neat-o clothesline graphics on the back!

Another cool box, Niagara Instant Laundry Starch!  I get a kick out of the fact that is says "No Cooking" at the bottom. 
I know nothing about starch but found this informative little video from 1936 on you tube.
And again with the cool graphics on the back.  My guess as to a date would be 1956-1959.  The woman's dress style with it's rolled sleeves and high collar just scream June Cleaver.

Stan also found some GREAT magazines!  This April 1948 Better Homes and Gardens is super thick at a whopping 290 pages!

And the McCall's below is from March 1956

And a Country Gentleman from November 1949....I love these old farm magazines with their Case IH and tractor advertisements.  Can't you just hear the grain report playing on the old transistor radio in the farmhouse kitchen as the farmer's wife gets lunch on the table?  Reminds me of my grandparents when I was little...we always listened to "Ask Your Neighbor" on the AM station during lunch.  I can remember creamed green beans from the garden, chicken patty on a bun and always homemade bread.  I imagine it's possible that at some point a farm wife out there once made a lunch like that for her family.  But I digress...

Here's another Country Gentleman from December of 1949. 

I can't wait to get these scanned.  Or at least photographed.  Maybe I'll photo some sneak-peeks until I can gain access to a large scanner again.

Until then, here's a fun little Studebaker trucks ad from one of the Country Gentlemen Magazines.  That's a pretty cool little truck...I'd drive it.

Well, thanks Uncle Stan for another batch of vintage goodies. 
And until another time, have a happy vintage day everyone!

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