Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Recent Finds and Goodies

The Flea market was back in town in mid-February.  I walked away with a couple of goodies including this sample size of Sal-Soda.  It has a tiny hole in the front of it, but is unopened!  Here, it is pictured with the regular sized box my Uncle Stan gave me for Christmas a couple years back.

And this past weekend I found (actually my daughter saw it first) this neat old iron from (I'm guessing) the early 1960's.  It will be a back up to the other beauty I have from the 1960's.  They are the BEST irons!  Nice and heavy-duty!

Soon I'll show you some linen finds from January and February!  I just love vintage linens and hope you do too!  Until then, have a happy vintage day!

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