Monday, June 23, 2014

As I was researching steel kitchen cabinet makers, I came across this really corny, 1955 film about "dream" kitchens, full of modern conveniences.  This goes along with my idea that we've come such a long way with household chores.  How easy it has all become!  The film is a little long and I think the audio is a bit off towards the middle, but it's kinda cute.  I especially LOVE the tour of the kitchen!  Oh, and if the dad in this film looks a little familiar to you, it might be because he was the dad in the movie A Christmas Story.

Until another time, have a happy vintage day!


  1. That's pretty funny. That is the father from A Christmas Story. I didn't realize it until he yelled at his son. I can't think of his name. It's Darren something!!

  2. It's Darren McGavin. He is in the credits!!