Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Kitty Embroidery Transfers from 1958

This past summer I found these super cool envelopes at Vintage City's fifty-cent sale!  I love love love them and want to share one of them with you today.

The top two envelopes are from February 1958.  The bottom one from March of 1977.
The first one is addressed to Mrs. Oscar H Anderson of Voltaire.  I found nothing about her on the internet.  The next is addressed to Mrs. Jennie Wasson of Velva ND.  The last envelope is addressed to Glenna Evashenko of Rural Velva ND.  I found out quite a bit about Glenna including the fact that Jennie Wasson was her mother.  You can read about Glenna by clicking HERE.  It sounds like she was quite a crafty gal, involved in many things including homemakers.  She was also a bit of a record keeper of events.  It would be interesting to visit the Velva Library to find her collections.  Glenna died in 2007. 
I just love vintage envelopes.  I especially enjoy looking up peoples' names and addresses haha.
Let's open the top envelope today.  These patterns are from Grit magazine, a family magazine.  I'm thinking they must have advertised embroidery patterns in their magazine and woman could send away for them.  (I wonder if magazines do that anymore, with everything being online now.)  I imagine it was probably pretty exciting to send away for things and have them show up in your mailbox, a little cheer to break up the monotony of the February winters here in ND.  Glenna might have even taken these transfers to her homemakers meeting that winter.  Maybe she loaned them to her friends as well. 
It's a Pussy Cat Design!
And the transfers are in silver!
I was able to scan them and here are the transfers.
I apologize if the quality isn't very good.  In order to flip it (because everything is reversed in a transfer) I had to create a new jpeg in my scrapbooking program.  It turned out kind of gray, because I'm not very computer savvy.

That's all for today!  Until another time have a happy stitching day!


  1. Thank you so much for these, they are precious!

  2. These are lovely, thanks so much for sharing! I especially like Friday and Sunday... so cute!

  3. Just ran across this post. 2 of the ladies mentioned above were relatives of mine. Would love to know what state the store is in where you purchased the patterns. The estate auction would have included these items. Thanks