Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keeping Clean

Does anyone remember Mystery Science Theater 3000?  The premise of the show was a man and his two robot friends (their sillowets really) are watching a movie and adding their own ad libs during the show.  I remember it from my high school and college years.  A friend of mine was a huge fan of the show, so we watched it quite often at his house.  If you are looking for a good laugh, check out this vintage film "Keeping Clean" and all of the witty ad libs the guys from MST3K provide.  I laughed pretty hard at this particular film.  PS--It's easier to hear with headphones.

I wonder what ever happen to Joel Hodgson and the MST3K crew?
When I was young, Mr. Hodgson was a stand-up comedian from Minnesota and our local PBS station aired a comedy show "Land O Loons" and he was one of the comedians...I recorded his routine on VHS and pretty much had it memorized. 
That's all for now, until another time have a happy day!

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