Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Red Work Again

Oh happy day!  This past weekend I was sitting in my recliner doing nothing, and while it felt good to be doing nothing for a spell, I began to feel restless.  It seems I get that way when it's been awhile between crafting spurts, and when I don't have an active project. 
I embroidered in November, baked cookies and candy in December, so once January rolled around I was all "crafted out" I guess you could say. I took a month to catch up on my children's book hobby and writing hobby. 
Below is the cornucopia I embroidered back in November.
But this past weekend, I was starting to feel uneasy about being at a crafting crossroads.  I didn't really feel like quilting, I really didn't feel like embroidery either (having to choose colors, etc.) so instead, I picked up a tea towel that had a chicken pattern ironed onto it and started some red work.  Red work seems so easy to me because it involves just one bobbin of color (red), a scissor, a towel, and it gets me back into embroidery without having to dig all of my supplies out of their case.
I took it to my daughter's choir practice and got an extra hour of work done, so now I am almost finished!
So, hopefully I'll keep the momentum going and get back into embroidering again these next couple of months.  Then I might even be back to quilting again by April or May!
Until another time, have a happy stitching day!

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