Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vintage Ad Wednesday--Picnics

Oh, I just can't wait for picnic season again!  Last year, my daughter and I went on four picnics and this year we are hoping to top that number.
Chevrolet ad from my July 19, 1952 Saturday Evening Post. (only 1/2 page).

These next ads come from Pinterest.
Coca-Cola and picnics go together perfectly, don't you think?  This ad from 1951 thinks so!

Next up, a 1949 ad for Swift's Premium Hot Dogs, perfect for a picnic.

And finally, this ad from Kraft Marshmallows.  Instead of a picnic we see a family "cookout", but I figure cookouts and picnics are closely related.   Like cousins who live down the street from each other.

Picnics are such a fun topic that I'll have to revisit it another time!  There are picnic baskets and picnic blankets to discuss, but this is all I have for ya'll today as it's been a busy week! 

Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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