Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vintage Dairy Goodies

A fun commercial for Borden's Milk starring the cast of the TV series "Fury", which was a western-type of series that ran from 1955 to 1960.   The little cowboy cartoons at the end are such a cute end to the commercial.  And check out that fridge!  Love it! 
If I had the money (and the parking space), I would love to own an old fashioned dairy truck.  Yes, I would drive it around town, and yes, I'm just that nerdy.

Photo from Pinterest
 This next one is even more adorable, with a shorter box!
I'm sad to say that the milk and cream bottles I own are blank.  They have no cute cow graphics or any vintage writing on them what-so-ever.  Therefore, they do not have nifty names like "Peterson's Creamery" or "Dakota Gold Quality Supreme", which was the dairy in Rugby at one time.
Here is a decent sized Borden's bottle. (2 quarts?)
Photo from Pinterest
Here's something I've NEVER seen but would LOVE to come across at a yard sale.  It's a delivery request sign.  A person would turn up the little cardboard flags, then drop the sign in an empty bottle to be picked-up by the milkman.  I found the photo on Pinterest.  This particular delivery sign looks like it had been an Ebay item, and the bidding either started or ended just shy of a Benjamin.  Wow!
There are about a thousand and one things you can do to decorate with milk bottles (especially if you can find red and white striped paper straws and some tiny Styrofoam balls). 
How cute is this!?
And this is light fixture below is really cool.  How neat would this light be above a kitchen sink?  It would be a small light, but still neat.
This is one of the few dairy items I own, a Magic City Dairy milk carton (never been used).
Well, that's all for today.  Until another time have a happy vintage day!

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