Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Doodle Art (continued)

Along with the Adult Coloring Book Craze that exploded in 2015, there is a type of doodling sweeping the nation (the world, really) trademarked Zentangle. Actually, Zentangle has been around a few years and doesn't seem to be just your average "doodling". There are RULES to Zen tangling. After studying up a bit on this art form, I've come to find out my art doesn't always follow the "Zentangle rules".

Zentangle was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.  The idea surrounding Zentangle is that you set aside 20 minutes or more to draw something repetitive and abstract on a small 3.5 x 3.5 inch card (also known as a tile), with a black marker or pen (no erasers, no colors). You just let the creativity flow, and ultimately go into a comfortable, meditative sort of state. You don't draw anything recognizable, it is all abstract. There are special Zentangle patterns (over 100 of them), some quite intricate. Most can be found on the internet.

Here is my first attempt at a tangle piece.  (It's actually too large to be a "true" Zentangle, being 5x7 inches.)  My husband actually asked to take this one to his office to have on his desk.  That kind of made my day.

In order to teach Zentangles to others, you have to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher. There are three Certified Zentangle instructors in North Dakota.  I wish there were more because I'd really like to take a few classes.

Want to learn more? Here is the official website.

While I really want to learn more about Zentangle, my art is more "doodle art".  So, this is my new "Doodle Art" box.  It has a top layer and a bottom layer that snap together.
The bottom layer holds my small binder, extra cardstock and 3.5 x 3.5 cardstock tiles that I made myself.
I found the small binder at a garage sale (score!).  I bought extra page protectors for it at Target.  The binder is divided into sections.  There is a section for step-by-step instructions, for the more complicated tangles, most of which I find on Pinterest. 
It also has pages covered with the same small squares for simple patterns that do not need to be broken down step-by-step. 
There is one final section of completed 3.5 x 3.5 cards (two per page) that I have finished doodling.  I backed these on black cardstock to help the doodles to "pop" off the page. 
I made my own cardstock tiles using a paper cutter and my old Creative Memories corner rounder. The actual Zentangle tiles are made with special paper and can be found in stores and online, but I only need a few at a time, so I just make my own.
Inside the top layer of my doodle art box, I have another smaller snap-box that holds my pens, pencils, eraser, etc.  I've had the Micron Pens for a very long time and some of them are close to being empty.  Sakura Micron pens are my favorite art pen, I've been using them for years, and nobody pays me to say that haha! 
I also keep a small sketchbook in the top.  This sketchbook fits in my purse and goes with me (along with a pen) to the Doctor's office or anywhere I might need to wait in line. 
This is a small tangle that I did while waiting for my daughter at choir practice.  Yup, there's a mistake in there.  Can you see it?
It has been nice to be drawing again, and I'm excited to learn more about "Zentangle" as time allows!  As I get into the doodling groove, you can expect to see a few posts about my progress in the future.
That's all for today!  Until another time, have a happy, creative day!

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