Monday, February 6, 2017

We've Been Busy Little Bees in Preschool

Some of you may have noticed that I've been off-line for quite some time.  One of the reasons is, along with the regular daycare duties I perform on a daily basis, I've added an hour or more of preschool everyday!  There is much planning involved in getting things ready for circle time, story time, art time, etc.  I've enjoyed it very much!
Here are some highlights from this past Fall and Winter
Creating Pizzas--A fun little game for writing numbers, counting and recognizing shapes.

Our circle-time board with the gourd and pumpkin that a friend brought for us to explore.
Our December circle-time board.  The children love taking turns being "teacher".
Gingerbread Friends!
We do many magnetic games on a magnetic tray or board. (I've since retired the cookie sheet because it was too small, and bought a larger magnetic board).  One of the magnetic games for January involves colored mittens (to work on color recognition).  It is a fun game where I hide a paper snowball behind a mitten and the children guess under which color mitten the snowball is hidden.
"Snowball snowball, cold and round
Under which mitten will you be found?"
Idea and poem found on Pinterest.
We do flashcard letters.  I know many teachers frown upon flashcards, but they seem to work best for my group.
As the months progress I add more activities to our circle time activities and the kids love it.  As soon as the baby goes down for her morning nap, the kids are begging for circle time and story time.
The paint can flash cards of different colors are a poem-movement activity that I found ages ago.  I hold up a paint can and the children say the color, the little poem that goes with the color, and do the movement. 
Red Red, touch your head.
Orange you see, slap your knee.
Yellow Yellow, shake like Jell-O.  (that's their favorite)
Gray Gray, shout Hurray! (their other favorite)
It goes on through all of the colors.  They love this one and it never seems to get old!
So, that is just a small sample as to why I have been away from blogging for so long.  I am super busy!  But, I hope with the new year ahead of me, I can find some time here and there to share some fun vintage things, creative projects, daycare projects, and summer road trips with you all!
Until another time, have a happy day!

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