Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Rendezvous 2012

Whew!  It's been awhile and for that, I apologize.  September flew by in a flash and now October is following the same path. 
In late September, Autumn and I drove to the local rendezvous and joined my parents for a day of 1840s living.  They camped a couple of nights, but Autumn and I were not able to camp because of prior engagements.

My parents' camp.
The weather was perfect and the trees surounding the camp were beautiful!
Camp items hanging from a tree.
There were many beautiful leaves and I loved the way the light would shine through them like little stained glass windows.
We don't have trees in our yard, so Autumn was in heaven surrounded by fallen leaves.  Every time the breeze would pick up, there would be a blizzard of falling leaves.
The road to home.
We always pass by this church on the way home.  This year I stopped to snap a few photos.
Soon after the rendezvous we welcomed in October with it's chillier weather and even a few lonely snowflakes.  Flipping through the TV channels I see that QVC is peddling Christmas decorations already.  "I'm not quite there yet." I say to myself.  We are hoping for another mild winter, but only time will tell.
Tomorrow I will share the quilling that I've been working on.  Yes, that's QUILLING---the art of rolling paper---It sounds about as boring as watching beans boil, but it's actually quite fun!
Until then--
Have a Happy Day!

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