Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Library

No, it's not National Library Week, or National Children's Book Week.  Nor is it  National Reading Month.  (It is, however, National Popcorn Poppin' month and National Dental Hygiene Month).

But this week I have been thinking quite a bit about libraries.

Autumn and I spent two hours at our local library here in Minot this last Sunday afternoon. We are so glad the city was able to save it from the flood of 2011.
That's our library off to the right.
12 noon on Friday June 24
I apologize that I don't have the names of those who took these pictures. During the flood, there were so many pictures being posted on facebook and on news sites. I collected a few memorable ones and these are some of the few. They give you a good idea of how high the water got and how high the library dike had to be built to save it.

SIDE NOTE: My daughter's school was just off to the left in this picture and was destroyed. There was no saving the school (it was very old) and it was torn down this past summer.
Luckily, the library at Autumn's school was located on the top floor. There was some confusion at first as to whether or not they were able to save the books, but we soon found out that volunteers were able to save the collection.

But, back to Sunday.
We spent a few minutes upstairs in the "grown-ups" section so that I could find a good book on Calligraphy and a Debbie Mcomber book called Dakota Born (more on that book in a later post).
Then we headed downstairs to our favorite part of the library, the Children's Library. It's such a well lit, happy place with decorations hanging from the ceiling and the cheerful librarian. (no, the librarian wasn't hanging from the ceiling)--no need to call me, Mom. The cheerful librarian was sitting at the main desk.
Minot Public Library Children's Library (and this is only half of it!)
Because Autumn is finally old enough to navigate the space on her own, and no longer needs to be "accompanied by an adult at all times", I found myself a comfy chair and sat down to read. Of course  I kept an eye on her, as she buzzed around the stacks like a quiet little humming bird. (More like  a squirrel gathering nuts.)  She'd look something up on the computer, then would buzz over to the appropriate shelf to find what she was looking for.

She picked out a number of books for herself and quite a few for the daycare as well. She loves daycare story time and has been reading to the kids ever since she learned how to read.

We had such a nice, relaxing time at the library, it got me thinking about libraries.  Where did my love for libraries come from?

I've visited quite a few libraries throughout my life.  I even worked in the college library my Freshman year at UND-Williston.  It was only for a few months and entailed helping to enter books into the ODIN database.  It was interesting to see all of the books that would come across the desk, but it was monotonous work.  I honestly think that's what killed my desire to be a librarian.  Sad, because I now know there is more to being a librarian than just entering data on a computer.

The Library I grew up with was the The Williston Community Library in Williston, ND.
You can find them on facebook at this address,

This is most likely where my love for libraries began.  My parents took my brother and me there on a regular basis as kids.  I'll never forget the parakeets the library kept as pets. 

Autumn loved visiting the Williston Library during the 19 months we lived there.  We made it to a few story times and enjoyed making a new friend, Gramma Sherry, the Children's Librarian.
The children's books at the Williston Library are in bin type shelves seen above.  These bins made looking for books easy for even a three and a half year old.

The sun room in the children's library area.
Story time with "Gramma" Sherry
When I was very young, the current library (the beautiful, rounded, brick building you saw above), didn't yet exist.  Instead, we had the James Memorial Library, close to downtown.  I only remember visiting there once or twice as a child.  My brother and I also took a fun, week long art class there when we were little.

It is a beautiful building.  Today, it is known as the James Memorial Art Center.  They host a number of art shows and concerts throughout the year and I am proud to say that my father has played a concert there!  I'm not sure who took this picture of the building, so I'm sorry that I have not given credit to anyone.

More Tomorrow on the Libraries of my life.
Not sure why I'm writing posts about libraries, but try to bear with me.

Until Tomorrow,
Pick up a good book and have a happy, reading day!

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