Friday, October 12, 2012

Preschool Bat Projects

We've done quite a few little projects this fall, but the pumpkin bear and bat booklet are two of my favorites!

The pattern for these little cuties can be found here at
I love the first school site, they have so many great projects for little ones!

This little bat project came from a Mailbox Magazine for teachers.
The children used sponges and black paint to paint their bats.  We let them dry, cut them out and glued them together.
We glued on the story pages...

...and gave our bats smiles and sharp teeth (to eat fruit and bugs with).
We folded the bat's wings, put our title cards onto the front and Tah-Dah!!  We have a cute little bat book!

Bat items that live on the fridge including our Deep In The Bat Cave poem.

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