Thursday, December 13, 2012

Out of the Frame

Been thinking a little bit about train travel today.
If I am ever able to travel by train (and I hope that someday that I will), this is one of the songs I would listen to.
I love this song and it is easily in my to ten picks for best songs of all time. 
Call me crazy, but the rhythm of the song reminds me of a train. 
And suddenly, I'm in a passenger car rolling over the Montana plains (Philip Aaberg is from Montana, so it only makes sense that the train would be there also).  We passengers would see grassland, fence lines, and maybe a pickup hauling a horse trailer.
As the train rolls through a small town we glimpse for just a second a view down main street and busy people going about their lives.  Perhaps we see a man stopping by the post office to get his mail, another man stepping out of a blue pickup, and a woman watering some storefront flowers.  It is a moment, a tiny slice of someone else's life that passes by our eyes so quickly.
Then at about 5:20 (in the song) the train begins to slow and then stop.  People on the platform below look up at us through the window and wonder where we've come from.  We folks in the cars have seen miles of country in just a few hours, while those standing still on the platform have seen only their everyday routine of morning donuts, coffee and the two block trip to the railway station.  
I myself am getting off at this station.  This looks like a quiet little town.  As I stand on the platform, I turn around to look at the train that brought me here and the people who are now sitting in my seat.  Their adventure is just beginning.  Soon they will be moving quickly and I will be the one left standing still. 
Steadily, the train begins to pick up speed.  I watch as it continues on it's journey across the prairie until, like the music, it slowly fades away.

Yep.  I like that song.

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