Friday, November 21, 2014

Embroidering Again!

This week I folded up my quilting supplies and neatly tucked them away for a little while.  I'm taking a little vacation away from quilting until the holidays are over.  Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas are such busy times for our family, I'd rather take the time to work on some little projects. 
So, I took out my embroidery supplies and stared at them for a day or so, then I browsed my computer file full of embroidery patters.  I visited Bits of Stitching's blog for motivation and then browsed pinterest for embroidery inspiration.  It all worked because now I am embroidering again after a very long time away from it.
I'm starting with one of my favorite patterns, a vintage kitty carrying a bag of groceries.  The pattern had been transferred so many times that it would no longer transfer.  I had to put it on my light box and trace it.

 This will be a tea towel, so I am only using one half of a large dish towel.
I plan to add this fabric to the bottom of the towel.  It is a Diane Zimmerman pattern from her "Sweetheart" line of fabric that I bought from Quiltin' 

Here is the kitty finished.  Now, I just need to sew on the piece of decorative fabric and maybe a strip of rick-rack. 
The box in the kitty's grocery bag is suppose to be Rice Krispies.  But it looks like Rice Pies. Haha!

 That's all for today, I've got more stitching to do!  Until another time, have a happy stitching day!


  1. *blushing* Hoping I've been a positive influence and not a distracting one ;-).
    Mrs. Kitty looks lovely! Beautiful stitching, love the fur, and the fabric is perfect!

  2. Your kitty embroidery is adorable!

    1. Thank you Karen! She's my favorite kitty :-)