Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers! 
Here is a hodge-podge of little pictures from past Thanksgivings in our family.
Last year's Thanksgiving table at my house.
And here are my Mom's little Pilgrim People wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.  They used to be cardboard wall decorations from Hallmark (Remember those?  She had some for every holiday!) Dad glued them to some ply-wood and then used the band saw to cut around each shape.  Now they will last forever!
Mom's pilgrim people.
One year, I had it in my head that I was going to quill everyone a place card.  I think I made a total of two.  They were so difficult!  Fun, but difficult.
Attempt at quilled place cards.
Blue Turtle wants Thanksgiving dinner too!
And finally, my Momma's cute corn bowl.  It's only for the cutest corn.  
This year, we start a new tradition in our family. Most of the family (on my Mom's side) is headed to my cousin's for Thanksgiving.  It's hard to believe how time flies, seems like just a few years ago she was graduating from High School, now she has a beautiful home and family and is hosting holidays!  Until another time, count your blessings and enjoy Thanksgiving Day 2014!

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