Saturday, November 1, 2014

1940s Safety in the Kitchen

I get such a kick out of these vintage "Home-Economics" type of videos on You tube.  This 8 minute video is about kitchen safety.  It's fun to see the vintage kitchens at work and the tidy way the cupboards are arranged.  There are no sippy-cup avalanches in this 1940s kitchen, just neatly stacked dishes and the cutest little toaster you ever did see! (at minute 6:48).  And I just love the little step stool she uses at 7:28.  If we are ever lucky enough to have a vintage kitchen, I will have to invest in a step stool.  
I hope you enjoy the video!   

I think I'll clean out one of my cupboards now.  Have a happy vintage day!

1 comment:

  1. That is cute.
    Remember that the kitchen is staged and that is why it is so neat and tidy. I am sure that they did keep things much neater than most of us do now. We buy so many gadgets that we don't even use. I have a real problem with that!