Sunday, January 11, 2015

Another Wonderful Picture Book--Little Elliot Big City

 Little Elliot Big City, written and illustrated by Mike Curato is such a treat to read.  The story is simple and sweet, as are the illustrations.

The story is about Elliot, a small elephant living in the big city.  Because of Elliot's small size, certain tasks can be a bit difficult, but he still enjoys life.  These difficult tasks include purchasing a delicious cupcake, which he cannot seem to do, no matter how hard he tries.  But soon he meets someone who can not only help him with his goal of purchasing a cupcake, but to help him in another area, as well, friendship.


The illustrations in this book are soft, dark, and have almost a sepia tone to them, but they are not dreary by any means!  There are subdued colors added here and there and the book is really quite beautiful.  The more I look at the book, the more I seem to enjoy it.  I would not be shocked if it won the Caldecott. 

Of course I love the cover art with all of the buildings in the background (I just love illustrated buildings with all of their windows, especially softly lit windows at night).  In fact, I love the illustrations (and story) so much that I just had to purchase it with one of my lovely bookstore gift cards.

The little cupcake shop reminded me of our visit to New York City, and a little cookie shop we visited in Greenwich Village.  We were walking along a quiet street,
with its quiet little brownstones,

when all of a sudden, there was this cheerful window of colorful awesomeness! 

And inside, a bakery full of delectable deliciousness.
Cookies cookies everywhere!
The shop is called Cookies and Milk and what a treat it was to see at the end of our food tour.  It was a neat little shop to visit!
Little Elliot Big City totally brought the memories of this little store flooding back, so thank you to Mr. Curato for that.
That's all for today.  Until another time, don't forget to stop and look at the pictures.  


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