Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vintage Feedsack Pieces

Another find from my favorite little vintage shop, Vintage City, a cigar box full of little pieces of feed sack fabric! 

The small newspaper pattern doesn't match the shape of the pieces.  Not sure why this pattern was included in the box.
There are many little snippets like these, the ones shown are just a small example.  They are not truly square, more trapezoidal and I think they might have been cut for a wedding ring quilt.  They look like little pieces of fabric candy and I've really enjoyed looking through them.  I am hoping to use a few of the duplicates (some patterns have a dozen or more pieces) in my Dresden quilt, but their shapes are tricky.  They are so small I may have to save them for another project, or just save them because they are old and SO MUCH FUN! 

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