Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ebroidered Hen Dish Towel Finished

Finally!  Henrietta the Hen is finished!  I went through a stage where I didn't do any vintage embroidery.  But now that I've had my little break, and depending upon how busy life gets around here, I'll might pick the needle back up in November.
I used a light orange and dark orange on her feet to give them a little bit of texture.
She originally had eggs in her basket, but I changed them to freshly picked strawberries.  I thought it odd that she would be taking her offspring to the market to sell them.  I don't know, maybe she just really needed the money (to pay off her hat and umbrella debt)?  Then again, maybe she was just taking her eggs out for a stroll.  That's a little better.  Either way I thought it strange, so POOF! they magically became strawberries instead.  No discussion needed about strawberries.
I used an artiste brand variegated brown for the hen's body.  
That's all for today.   I hope to get to more stitching soon, but things are crazy-busy around here, so we'll see.  Until another time, have a happy, stitching day!

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