Friday, January 8, 2016

Glass Wax for Christmas

What did my vintage-loving Uncle Stan give me for Christmas this year?  One of the gifts was GLASS WAX! 
Not just any glass wax, Gold Seal Company glass wax, which was a company born and raised in good ole' North Dakota!
See, it says right on the can, it's from Bismarck, ND!
I just love the graphics and the color of this can.
Here is a vintage television commercial for Glass Wax and the nifty stencils that you could buy to decorate your windows.  How fun! 

There is quite a bit of history about Harold Schafer his Gold Seal Company on the internet, but here are a few brief notes.
He started out by making his own floor wax.
The Gold Seal Company was the original manufactures of Mr. Bubble. (I always wondered why there was a "Mr. Bubble" mini golf course in Medora, ND)
Mr. Schafer used personal funds to restore parts of Medora ND helped it to become the ND tourist attraction it is today.
The Gold Seal Building, in Bismarck, has windows that have a golden tint to them in the sunlight.
And just for kicks here is one of my favorite vintage television commercials...Mr. Bubble!
I'm tickled pink over my new can of Glass Wax!
That's all for today, until another time have a happy, bubbly kind of day!

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