Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Tangle Patterns Binder

My next few posts are going to be about Zentangle.  I'm so excited about this growing form of meditative art!  But I'll get back to posting vintage soon.

These past few weeks, I've enjoyed learning and practicing some of the tangle patterns that are out there on the web.  My darling husband even bought me a book,
The Joy of Zentangle featuring contributing artists: Suzanne McNeill, Sandy Steen Bartholomew and Marie Browning (all CZTs).  It is a treasure-trove of ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art) and step-by-step breakdowns of the patterns.

When I first started collecting tangle patterns, I was drawing the pattern step-by-steps on 5x7 pieces of cardstock and was keeping them in a small binder (see photo below).  After a couple of months I realized my little binder was quickly getting full.  With hundreds and hundreds of patterns out in the universe I would soon run out of room.  I love the 5x7 size, but it just isn't practical.

Some people online use ATC sized cards (artist trading cards) that are the same size as the standard baseball card to collect their pattern step-outs.  I decided to give that a try.  I drew up my own little baseball card sized tangle step-out cards, photocopied a number of them, then bought baseball card sleeves at Hobby Lobby.

The sleeves live in a standard sized binder and I can collect many many many tangle patterns from here and into the future.

I've been working on some alphabet cards (see in upper right of bottom photo the letter "C") that way I can keep the cards in alphabetical order. 
Many of the patterns I find are from a wonderful web site called tanglepatterns.com/.  This site is AMAZING!!

In the back of the binder, I used black cardstock and page protectors to create a gallery of Zentangle tiles that I've created.  I write the date under each tile with a silver gel pen.

Next time, we'll talk about my favorite pens and pencils and their storage container.
Until another time, have a happy, creative day!

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