Thursday, February 23, 2012

Easter Egg Embroidery

I've been embroidering again!
After my Saturday morning of cleaning house, Autumn and I took a little walk downtown and visited Margie's, Dakota Antiques (looking for vintage Betsy Tacy books) and the fabric store.  I bought another fat quarter of the black and white fabric I love so much for my puppy dog tea towels.
Here's the fabric I just can't get enough of! It goes pretty well with the puppy dog pattern.  I wanted to make sure I had an extra fat quarter on hand in case they do not re-stock it after it's gone.  Bernina Plus has it in their 1930's vintage collection of fabrics.  They have the best 1930's vintage fabric selection in town! 
I also bought this peachy-orange colored fabric to go with my bunny tea-towel that's in progress (very slow progress).  I'm not sure it goes well with the bunny towel, but I like to use it with my kitty towels so it will get used eventually.

I was recently reminded that I had done these little embroidered Easter eggs a few years ago and I've decided to do a few more this year. Last year I painted blown-eggs for my family.  Not sure I want to do that again this year.

Painted Eggs from Easter last year.  Fun to do, but quite time consuming over my weekends.
This year I'm not really in the painting mood, so embroidered eggs with chicks inside are what everyone will be getting this year.  I still have to make the little yellow chicks that go inside, but here they are so far.
Here is the website I got the idea from.

I made these three over the weekend so they really don't take that long at all!  It felt so good to be taking some time to embroider again after putting the floss away for awhile.  And these are small, simple and nice to work on while listening to Autumn practice piano, or during the winding-down time after supper.   Hopefully, I'll get enough done so I can give many away!

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