Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Lap Desk for Letter Writing

I'm reading the book, Betsy and Joe by Maud Hart Lovelace and in the first chapter we find Besty thinking about letters and letter writing.  She corresponds regularly with her older sister who is touring Europe, and now, her friend Joe wants to correspond!  Now, "she was glad she had put sachet bags into her stationery and that she had received for her birthday a sealing wax set, colored sticks of wax and a seal with her initial on it."  and later she writes, "Joe's typewritten letters and Betsy's scented, green-sealed replies went back and forth regularly after that."

Oh how I love all the little goodies that go along with letter writing!

So, here is my lapdesk that I am so happy to have found one hot summer day at a yard sale.  We were rendezvouing at Fort Union and decided to drive over to a local farmer's yard sale.  Our motives were two-fold.  On the one hand my family loves sales and on the other hand it was an excuse to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of the car for a bit.  I bought the lapdesk for 5$ and painted it a pretty color green to match my bedroom.

I added some pretty Brenda Walton stickers to embellish the desktop.

Here is the inside full of letter writing goodies including a little address book, a stationery folder full of beautiful papers and some flower pens.
A few years ago, Target cleranced out all of their "Shabby Chic" line of stationery 75% off (that was a happy day)!  This little box with a pull-out drawer was one of my lucky finds that day and it holds my little cards and notes. 
Another happy garage sale find is this spiral bound book to keep cards and birthdates in.  Each month has a pocket for greeting cards that need to be sent that month. 
I made this little correspondance record book to keep track of who I have written to and who I have received letters from.  Crazy?  Yeah, maybe a little.
I don't remember HOW I made it, but I know I used some of the stationery I'd bought at Target.  I do remember it must've been fun because I made 2 or 3 different little books using all the different stationery.
Anyways, so that's my little lapdesk that I love so much.  I hope you all have a Happy Day!    

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