Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is Most Certainly True

Whew, what a fun weekend! 

I woke up bright and early Saturday and went to a Small Catechism class at Ebeneezer's Restaurant.  What a neat little Irish place that is!  It had been awhile since I'd eaten there.  Last year it was damaged during the flood, but they have done a wonderful job of re-doing the place with it's tin ceilings, lamps and mirrors.
We are studying this book with Pastor Pancoast as our leader.

The book is available at this website. http://store.augsburgfortress.org/store/product/5185/Study-of-Luther-Small-Catechism-Participant

Here is a link to Luther's Small Catechism it if anyone in interested.  http://bookofconcord.org/smallcatechism.php

I've wanted to study the Small Catechism again for quite awhile now. Autumn will soon be in confirmation and I feel I should brush up a bit. 
I did study a little bit of the Small Catechism during my confirmation years in Jr. High, but that was a long time ago and to be honest, I was at that awkward age where Lutheranism meant very little to me.
My home church.  My father took this picture early in the morning.  The sun is shining right on the face of Jesus in the big stain glass window.
I remember disliking confirmation.  All I can remember of the Small Catechism during those days was the memorization.  I remember being so concered about getting it all memorized, that I think I lost what Luther was trying to teach us.  I'm not saying students shouldn't memorize it, I just think more emphasis should have been put on what the Small Catechism could mean for us in our everyday lives, through high school and college, no matter where life was going to take us.  Instead, it felt like something we had to "get through" section by section.  And do I still have any of it memorized? Nope.

So, why do I feel the need to participate in this particular Small Catecism study?  

Is it because of the good company?  No, even thought this group is a very cool, funny, and interesting group of people, that's not why I'm there.

Is it to win brownie points with God?  No

Do I feel my salvation hinges upon it?  No, because "There is nothing we can do". 
Then why on earth do I get out of bed at the crack of 0-dark-hundred, on a Saturday morning, to go?

Because I want to learn it inside and out!  Luther's Small Catechism is the basic fundamentals of what Lutherans believe.  Every Lutheran should know it and know it well!  I want to be able to teach it with confidence to my daughter because I want her to know it well.  And I want someone to sit across the table from me and explain to me, in plain english, so that I understand it completely.  And I want to do all of this while eating hashbrowns, eggs and toast 'cause that's just how I roll.

Proof you can find a photo of just about anything on the internet!
Have a Happy Day!

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