Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Writing Group, Valentines Day

Okay, it's official.  I think I suck at writing group.  Okay I'm probably not as bad as I think, but I'm one of these people who constantly compares myself to others (unhealthy, I know).  It's not that I can't write, I actually achieved high marks in my college writing classes.  It's just that others in the group are so ridiculously good it makes my stuff look like dog food advertising.  One contributer's writing is so good, it just about makes me cry.  So much of what I have to go on is pure imagination, instead of solid life experiences. 

The words given to us as a starting point bring such complicated thoughts into my head.  How about finding some words that acually evoke happy feelings for me.  Words like strawberry, cabin, or Ed Norton. (giggle) Just kidding.
But it is fun and I will take the criticism, whatever it might be, and will remind myself that #1 I am probably my biggest critic and #2 I am trying to grow thicker skin.  I'm not writing to impress, but rather to learn, grow and get better at it.

Today is Valentine's Day!!  I mailed a vintage reproduction valentine to my Grandma Eva yesterday.  She loves valentines day, and she always told me that it was a valentine that brought her and Grandpa Joe together.  And vintage valentines are just so much fun! 

This is a neat book full of vintage reproduction valentines I got mine from my mom (thanks Mom).  The book is available at Amazon.com.

I just couldn't resist posting this one from Lola's Vintage Blog. 
  Through the years I've always tried to make my own valentines but haven't made any these past couple of years.  Maybe it's because Autumn and I make her valentines together. This year she wanted to make fortune cookies.  She saw the idea in one of her American Girl Magazines and I figured they looked easy enough.

We started with some felt circles about 4 inches in diameter.  Then she typed out her very own fortunes and cut them into little fortune strips.  I took my hot glue gun and folded the felt in half putting a dot of glue on the top where the edges met.  Then you fold and glue again.  There are tutorials online.

These are the valentines I made a couple years ago for my daycare moms and friends.  I wanted so badly to make some again this year, but ran out of time.

Here is the fan folded up.  I used a brad at the bottom to secure the sections together.

Once I have my pattern drawn out I photocopy it and make multiples.  I color each one, cut them out and put them together with the brad. 
These are colored and ready to be cut out.  Next year, I will get my act together and get some of these done!
On a side note:  If you are interested in some good reading about stay-at-home-wives and stay-at-home-moms, check out Apron Revolution's Monday post!  She really pours her heart out in this post.  I so admire her ability to handle the opposition (women who think she is selfish) with such grace and poise.  She IS a lucky lady to be able to stay at home, but we shouldn't resent her for it.  We make the beds we sleep in, and this woman who is being.....well, downright snotty to her should realize that if we (as a society) didn't let ourselves all fall into the "two-income" trap more of us might have the choice to stay home and raise our kids.  Don't get snippy with 50's gal because she has chosen to give up luxuries in order to stay home, instead be upset with yourself that you refuse to do so.  Anyways, 50's gal and I think a lot alike, and it's fun to keep up on what's happening in her life no matter what opinion you have of her. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Have a Happy Day!

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