Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cheerioats Bowl

Cherri-oats were introduced to cereal buyers in 1941 by General Mills.

Do you know what I love about this box? 
The bowl.
Why do I love the bowl?
Because I have one!  My blue star bowl is one of the very first vintage items I ever bought, way back in high school (that, and a brass door knocker in the shape of an anchor???  I have no clue spoke to me).

Here's a bit of history.  In 1945, Quaker called General mills out, issuing a trademark infringement complaint objecting to the term "oats" as a commercial name. Because of this, General Mills changed the name to Cheerios, which is what they are still called today! (Except by me...I still call them Cheeri-oats just to be silly).

The museum in my hometown of Epping has a box of Cheerioats on display.  Cool!  On a side note, I don't even want to think about how old those peppermint sticks in the glass jar are.  Mmmm chewy.
This is why I take so many pictures in museums...There are so many little things to see that the eye doesn't always catch the first time around. 
Once, I took hundreds of pictures at a museum and I'm glad I did.  The next year they had "re-arranged" and taken some of the items out.  I'm glad I got photos of the items when I did. 
I worry about the fate of many of these small-town museums scattered across the state.  I worry that once the "greatest generation" is gone, the Millennial generation won't have the time or desire to preserve the history.  Little museums will be scraped to make way for new hotels and gas stations that serve pizza by the slice.  Sad.
Whoa, talk about digressing a bit.

I'll leave you with this 1950s advertisement for Cheerios that can be found on Youtube.  I think it's funny that they say Dentyne Gum is good for your teeth!  Just click on the link and give it a watch. Have a happy, vintage day!

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