Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vintage Ad Wednesday

Let's start off this Vintage Ad Wednesday with some Rice Krispies Treats!  I LOVE Rice Krispy treats, but never make them myself, too risky...I'd eat the whole pan.
I'm not kidding.
I don't know who invented them (probably angels), but I think they've been around awhile. 
This ad has been floating around the internet on various vintage sites.  Not sure of the year, but my guess is late 40s.
Here is a late 1950s Kellogg's Rice Krispies commercial staring Mr. Wilson of Dennis the Menace.  Get a load of the amount of sugar he pours on the cereal!  Yikes! 

And here is one of my favorite "pinterest" funny-finds.
It's funny because it's true.  But even though they get mushy in milk, we still love them!  Thank you to the person who made made my day! (Also made me laugh so hard I peed a little).
Next up we have Lux beauty soaps in four soft, pastel colors.  This reminds me of the time of colored toilet paper. (remember colored toilet paper?)  This ad is from my June 1958 Ladies Home Journal and adds to my theory that pastel colors in bathrooms were really popular in the late 50s.
I actually think these soaps are kind of pretty!
Well would you look at what I found.  A 1958 ad for Scott Pastel toilet tissue.  Doesn't surprise me one bit!
In 1958 we could buy pastel soap and toilet tissue to decorate and add to our pastel bathrooms!  Here is a 1950s pink.
And here is another in pink and blue.
Now, I happen to like the pastel colored bathrooms, but my husband does not.  This makes me wonder, what did the husbands think of these permanent, marshmallow colored fixtures? 
I have a theory that this is why women were known to hand their husbands a martini at the door after a long day at work!  Get 'em all liquored up before whipping out the Kohler Bathroom brochures full of sea foam green sinks, and pink toilets.  
Wife:  "I'm thinking a pastel color scheme for the bathroom, dear." 
Husband:  "Slurs something unintelligible".  
Wife:  "Glad you agree, dear.  I'll order them tomorrow."
I'm mean seriously!  What did the men of that time really think about all of this?!
I know...Maybe the men were just so happy to have a gal around who would bake him a Swans Down cake, they would let the gal choose ANY color for the bathroom.
This next ad states..."Springtime hint to brides (new and old) Remember men love Swans Down cakes (and the girls who bake them!)"
This is a cheerful little cake, and it makes me wish I baked more.  But it's probably best that I don't because I REALLY like cake (probably more than Rice Krispy Treats).
Thanks for tuning in today.  Until another time, have a happy, vintage, snap*crackle*pop*, cake baking, martini mixing day! 

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