Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vintage Kitchen Love 4

Here is another adorable kitchen to brighten your day!
This particular Youngstown kitchen is called "The Western" style and is from 1951.  I saw it on Mid Century Home Style's Blog.
I like the use of yellow in the kitchen (I'm partial to yellow kitchens).  And there is another one of those things connected to the back wall that looks like an upside-down bread box.  It's actually a spice rack!
Here, you can see one of the spice racks opened.  I love the way the pink and black canisters match the black counter tops.  And get a load of that bath set-up for baby!  I've never seen anything like that before!
That's all for today!  I wish you all a very happy, vintage day!


  1. I found two of those spice cabinets in my father in law's old barn some years ago. I should of kept them. I thought that they were a bread box.
    The baby thing is called a Bathinet or something like that. I have seen them in old magazine and shows but never in person. They look handy but would be a hassle to fill and empty.

    1. I thought they were bread boxes too! I agree, a Bathinet would be difficult to fill and empty. Women back then seemed to have way more energy for tasks like that, more energy than I have.