Monday, May 5, 2014

Quilting Questions

Uff-da, I'm having quite the time with my quilt.
There are two little problems bothering me at this time.  The first is the color choice for the blocks that will back the flowers of my Dresden quilt.  It was between an ivory color or white.  The other problem is the method of stitching (or appliqueing) the flowers onto the quilt blocks.
Awhile back, I bought a yard of a fine, ivory fabric and from this made 5 or 6 large blocks.  But, soon I realized that much of the feed sack fabric I was using had white in the patterns.  So I naturally thought, "Maybe I should be using white muslin for the blocks."
So I opted for white. 
I went to Joann's and bought 2 yards of white, Legacy, muslin and cut 14 blocks to start.  I proceeded to applique a couple of Dresden flowers onto the white blocks and, wouldn't you know, I don't like the white at all.  It's too bright and doesn't have that "vintage" feel to it.
I will keep the white blocks for a future project, but they just won't work for my Dresden quilt.
I don't know if I can match the yard of ivory backing that I bought years ago to something in the stores, so I carefully ripped the flowers I had previously appliqued on to the existing ivory backing, and am starting fresh. 
Now, I will be taking a trip to the fabric stores around town to find a good quality, ivory, muslin so I can get going on these blocks!  One thing I've learned is to buy enough yardage at one time to do be able to cut all of the blocks for the entire quilt.
The other trouble I'm having is the decision between using a hidden stitch to applique the flowers on the blocks or a regular stitch.

This is how I stitched the first three blocks, just a small stitch towards the edge of the flower to attach it to the block.
This is an example of the hidden stitch that I am horrible at!  It certainly takes practice!
When I use the hidden stitch the flower seems "puffier" and doesn't lay down as flat on the block, which I'm not sure I like.
I've also seen blanket-type stitching done around the flowers in a contrasting color such as black.  It gives the quilt a "vintage" feel, but I am not sure I am that daring.
I'm going to ponder the different types of stitches, and play around with them a bit.  I am learning so much throughout this project!
Until another time, have a happy stitching day!!

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