Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vintage Ad Wednesday

Today I'm posting a couple of colorful ads from my "new" October 1941 Ladies Home Journal.  It is full of wonderful ads and I hope to share many of them in the future!
Mother-Daughter matching outfits.  I noticed that the Red Cross symbol could be found on many of the covers of LHJ in 1941.
Here is a bright, colorful ad for Royal Tapioca pudding...Orange Coconut flavor!  I do enjoy tapioca, and this does look refreshing.

Here is a beautiful ad for Congoleum.  I just love the kitchen!  I'm a big fan of the late 30s and 40s geometric linoleums.
And one more.  This one is an ad for Ivory Soap Flakes.
That's all for this Wednesday!  Have a fantastic vintage day!

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