Monday, April 21, 2014

Vintage Kitchen Love 3

Here is a bright, happy kitchen from the 1940s.
But I have to say, they went a little crazy with the stencils.  I DO like the built-in drain boards on the sides of the sink, and that the yellow and red stripe on the floor match the yellow counter top.  And I just LOVE that little step ladder she has for reaching those out-of-reach cupboards.  I have a little step stool, but it's new and plastic and not half as cute as that one.  I hope that's a jar of spices in her hand, not a bottle of cough syrup or prescription pills she's going to slip into that cake batter she's whipping up there in the red bowl.  I also wonder if there is an actual bird in the bird cage above the sink.  I should hope not!  With the heat of the sun coming through that southern window...bye bye birdie.
That's all this strange mind has brewing for now.  Have a happy vintage day!

1 comment:

  1. I hope that there isn't a bird, either. That would be kind of gross in the kitchen.
    I was having a hard time figuring out the design on the middle of the floor until it dawned on me that it is the sun shining through!
    That is a cute kitchen, but I do agree that stencil is a bit much.
    My husband has a step ladder in his garage like that but is all red. I am not allowed to take off with it!!!
    I use to have a sink like that in a little duplex I rented way back when. I loved it.