Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Mini-Village at Epcot

I don't know if I've ever shared this before, but it's the mini village outside of Germany at Epcot in Florida.   After seeing this set up, I can totally see how someone can love model railroads.  This little village was just SO COOL!
There was the sidewalk we were on that goes infront of the village and there was also a sidewalk above (where the woman in pink shirt is).  The sidewalk above overlooked some landscaping and more train track.  The train would spend most of it's time in the landscaping, then travel through a tunnel to drive past the little village, then through another tunnel back to the landscaped part.

Looks like they are setting up a little "Farmers' Market" here on the edge of town.
A green house.  Notice the Disney character topiary trees.


The village from the opposite direction.
Some of the landscape above the village on the other side of the walkway.
Isn't it just the cutest!?

I thought these flowers and plants were so pretty.
That's all for today! Until another time, have a happy day!

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