Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Flea Market Finds--April

Last weekend the folks joined us at the April flea market.  This flea was the biggest one I'd seen yet!  I found a few treasures.  Sitting here, I'm trying to decide on a favorite, but just can't! 
They ALL make me happy.
 The table cloth in the background is one I couldn't pass up.  I have two of the matching napkins in one of my vintage linens boxes and plan to use them all during springtime (If I'm ever able to own a REAL, old-fashioned, little, rectangular, farm kitchen style table like the one below).
Anyway, back to the flea...I really liked these "springy" napkins.  The flowers are little scraps of cloth that have been appliqued onto the napkin.  The detail and handiwork are amazing!  I highly doubt these are machine made, and must have taken someone a long time to make.  The fruit one is just so wonderfully cheerful. 
These items below, I bought from a lady that I like to chit-chat with about crochet and embroidery.  She's usually working on something as she sits waiting for customers.  The Keepsake Needle Arts catalog isn't vintage (unless you think 2006 is vintage) but I'd never seen one before!
Not sure why I bought this, just thought it was cool.  I can store some little things in it I suppose.  It would've been even cooler had there been a Super-8 film in it. Someone's home movies perhaps, or an amazing train derailment (just a little movie humor there...if you haven't seen the movie Super 8 I recommend you do).
Autumn and I LOVE this next item, in fact we split the price (even though it cost about the same as a candy bar haha!).  She will use it when she plays with her 1940s era dolls and I will use it all other times.  It's an actual, working, plastic radio but the batteries had corroded inside.  I gave it a good cleaning with an old toothbrush, replaced the little felt pieces and connected a small box on the back that my iphone can slip into.  It now sits on my counter and "plays" 30s and 40s music!

My last purchase at the flea was this October 1941 Ladies Home Journal.  I'm always tickled to find old magazines and this one is a beauty, full of neat old ads and articles! (More on this magazine in a later post).
As we were leaving, my dad surprised me with this P&G soap that I've had my eye on for quite some time.  Thanks, Dad!!
Then it was off to one of my favorite little places in town, Vintage City where I purchased a book and two Needle Craft Magazines from 1916, to add to my little collection.  The book is called Ginnie and Geneva and is by Catherine Woolley.  It was written in 1948 and looks similar to the Carolyn Haywood books I love so much.  I find it interesting that written on the inside is "fifth and sixth" which I'm thinking might mean grades.  But the story and vocabulary is so simple!  I do believe our children today are learning a much heftier vocabulary than those in 1948 (but I could be wrong).

And the magazines.  I can't wait to leaf through these and scan a few pictures and ideas from them.
Well, it was a fun weekend!  There are only one or two fleas left this spring, and then it will be summer and garage sale season.  Garage sales around here mostly consist of baby items, old game systems and Tupperware.  There's not much luck to be had in the "vintage" department. 
Well, until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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