Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Congoleum Rugs

Went to the Flickertail Museum in Stanley a couple of Sundays ago.  What a fun time we had!  They are in the process of restoring a couple of their museum buildings, therefore we weren't able to tour two or three of them.  But the buildings we saw were wonderful!
One of the things I tend to go a little crazy over are the floor coverings in the different buildings.
One of the buildings, called "The Doll's House", contains many toys and dolls from days of yore.  In the upstairs we found this covering the floor.
Isn't it pretty!!?  I looked it up online and Internet Archives has a number of Congoleum books.  This pattern is called Spring Garden.

The rug (I call it a rug because that's what they called it) still had it's factory seal on it!  The rugs look just like linoleum but are a bit thicker and squishier than the "flat" linoleum we put on our kitchen floors today.  They are like a rug, not reaching into the corners.  There is usually a boarder of hardwood floors around the edges (as you can see in the picture below taken in 2008).

I especially liked how the grayish-blue painted woodwork matched the grayish-blue in the rug. 
There were other fun linoleums and Congoleums throughout the different buildings in the museum.  Please excuse the toes.

This one is pretty nifty as well!

That's all for today, until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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