Friday, August 8, 2014

Daycare Circle-Time Board

This is what I worked on last Saturday...pretty much all. day. long.  And it still needs some changes.
It's a "bulletin board" of sorts for circle-time. 
I will have four children this coming fall who are ages 3 and up, and would like to spend a few minutes each morning doing "preschool" activities while the two babies have their morning naps.  I know morning naps won't last forever, but we'll see how well we can squeeze in some preschool time at some point or another during our day.  Some days it might only be 10 minutes, sometimes longer. 
We will talk about colors and learn our color words by sight.  A couple of the kiddos already know them, but could use some practice.  We will say the ABCs together, then have fun picking different letters at random.
I used baseball card sleeves that I picked up at the Goodwill for my color flashcards.  I will remove the colored cards, leaving the color words.  Children will say the color word and I will put the corresponding colored card into the space below it.  I would like to do this with learning numbers and number words as well, but that will have to come along later.

I'd like to do something different with the shapes as well, but I really like the look of the turquoise behind all of the pastel colored shapes.
I have different "opposite" cards than the ones shown for the four squares of green below the shapes.  The opposite cards I will use are by Carson Dellosa and fit much better than the taller, Sesame Street ones.  I may trim the 4 squares down to only 2 squares in order to make room for a different shape poster.

It's a work in progress, but has been keeping me very busy.  There are so many things to do this summer to prepare for a good year of daycare preschool!  I'm finding that if I have everything ready: worksheets copied, arts-n-crafts supplies ready, and some plans written out ahead of time, it is much easier to stay on track each day and week.  Unfortunately, with all my free-time going towards daycare projects, I haven't had much time for quilting and embroidery.  But, I suppose that's what the winter months will be good for.
That's all for today!  Until another time, have a happy, learning day!

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